BASIC: Pumpkin 

I think we actually felt the first day of fall this past weekend.After a few days of straight dreary rain – something I haven’t experienced since I moved here – there was actually cool weather and sunshine. It was so nice we opening the windows and turned the AC off. Just gorgeous.

Because of that, I was ready to go completely basic and make pumpkin things. My former boss once bought me a TON of pumpkin spice Jell-O and I was determined to find a recipe or two to incorporate this mix.

I’d had my eye on some muffins for a while on my Pinterest board so that was easy. And then I also knew I wanted a cookie of some sort. Thankfully Pinterest is full of possibility, so I found exactly what I needed.

Both sweets turned out exactly as I was hoping they would. The muffins are nice and soft and the cookies are nice and crisp. Overall I’m happy with the results and I wasn’t even in the kitchen for an incredibly long amount of time.

Well… long enough to make a complete mess of course!

So worth it, too. You have to clean up at the end regardless, so don’t sweat the details. I even tried to put things away as I went, but… didn’t happen! I can’t be controlled. I was also able to share some of these fun things on social media now that the social media blackout has ended for the Whole Life Challenge. Obviously none of the things I baked are Whole Life approved, but the fall medley I also made is approved for at least the Kickstart level, so it’s not all lost. This week we are doing a Jar of Positivity in which you write something good that happened or just something positive in your life and you put it in a jar. We are reading ours this weekend! I’m excited.

If you’re feeling fall and need something to be positive about, make one (or both) of these! They are bound to get you in the fall mood.

Pumpkin pudding muffins


Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips



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