Sushi + hiking [Charlotte Adventures] 

The weather is nice enough to hike! Finally. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Not because I like cold weather, but because I’ve been wanting to hike.

Apple pie for national dessert day

Between Friday being national dessert day and Monday being boss’s day, I’ve been making desserts like crazy. I wanted to get out a bit and enjoy the outdoors. I’ve been told about Crowder’s mountain a lot since it’s so close to Charlotte. So off to Crowder’s we went! I’ve also heard that it gets really busy so we aimed to get there by 9. I almost thought 9 would end up being too late, but it actually worked out nicely. 

Peanut butter pie and handlettering!

The hike is relatively steep. We went up the pinnacle trail. The trail states it is about 2 hours. Crowder’s mountain trail is about 3 hours. I’ll go back and do that one again sometime. Pinnacle trail is a little steep. You’ll feel it the next day, even if you work out regularly. It was a pretty trail though and if you’re in Charlotte or just visiting, it’s one that won’t take all day and you’ll appreciate it. A lot of nature right outside of the concrete of the city. Plus the leaves are changing at the moment. While they weren’t falling at a massive rate, there were a lot of orange and red leaves along the trail.

After all of that, you’ll be hungry, of course. We went to O-ku Sushi and it was delectable! I had a crunchy spicy tuna rolls and a kiwi Kani roll. The kiwi roll was nice and light. Highly recommend, especially if you’re interested in another entree or a heavier roll. The crunchy spicy tuna roll was also nice, but was a little more basic. The crunchies are awesome though! We also had an almond cake for dessert that was flavorful! 

I believe there’s also an O-ku in Charleston and the Charlotte one is pretty similar to it. All in all I really liked it and I’ll be back again!


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