Louisville, bourbon, and running

About once a month I roam the internet for a new half marathon. A few months ago I stumbled upon the Urban Bourbon Half marathon in Louisville, KY. It looked pretty different from some of the others I’ve done. First of all, you have to be 21 to run due to the sheer amount of alcohol available to everyone. (I received bourbon at the packet pickup and the post race party). The map looked pretty awesome, too. The route changed leading up to the run because one of the bridges was under construction, but I actually really liked what I saw of Louisville. On the flip side I didn’t notice that it was basically one giant uphill, but I could have realized if I had actually paid any attention to the emails sent to me whatsoever.

So we drove to Louisville on Thursday night and arrived at the Galt House Hotel quite late. We basically went to the room and fell asleep immediately. Nothing like being in a car for 7ish hours to simply exhaust you. Once we woke we hit up a place called Wild Eggs. I know it was a chain, but I had never been there before and I was starving so away we went! I had most of a BLT + egg and some fruit. We went to packet pickup which was small, adorable and in Louisville Slugger Field. I’m not into baseball by any means whatsoever, but it was a really cool setup and I had some Apple Cider Bourbon, so who can even be mad? No one.

Since it was freezing I layered my UBHM shirt underneath my flannel one and we walked back along the river. Beautiful and so cold. You know how to make sure you avoid the cold? Museums and more bourbon! We checked out the Louisville Slugger Factory and then enjoyed some bourbon while roaming through the Evan Williams Experience Tour. Oh! and bourbon chocolates. Yummmmm. Eventually we found some pasta, made our way back to the hotel, watched Independence Day and prepped for an early morning.

Not going to lie… I was slightly terrified about all the junk I had consumed on Friday and how it might make me ill while running. Maybe it was the cold weather that made me forget all of my worries…or maybe it was “sleeping in” until 7 since the race didn’t start until 8:30… or maybe it was bourbon courage…but I had a wonderful time! While it was a bit chilly and hilly, I was feeling it. My mind was all in and my body was totally up for the challenge. I hit a PR for this one and I was so incredibly excited!

I even continued to drink bourbon – it kept me warm after – and let me tell you: I am not a bourbon drinker! I’d been practicing with bourbon cocktails lately, but let me tell you: Louisville isn’t a bourbon cocktail kind of place. It’s simply a bourbon kind of place. Don’t worry though – I put my big girl pants on and almost made everyone super proud. (I made a ton of terrible faces!)

All in all – I had a great time. And I’ll most likely be ordering Art Eatables bourbon chocolates for everyone I know for every holiday for the foreseeable future. Nom nom nom.


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