A Living Kitchen

I instantly regretted leaving this terrific experience with so few pictures. I suppose you will simply need to trust me on this one.

Living Kitchen, or Luna’s… or Luna’s Living Kitchen… I’m not entirely sure which is most known. Their website says Living Kitchen, but everyone I know calls it Luna’s. Maybe that’s how I know Charlotte has accepted me as her own. 

Regardless, Luna’s is a vegetarian restaurant. The website says you can order online, but it didn’t let me see any of the options as it appears that the website doesn’t know the restaurant is open on Sundays now. I wasn’t really there to order ahead though. I was there to enjoy the food! Sunday brunch sounded wonderful.

The restaurant has an industrial feel, which didn’t surprise me as a lot of restaurants have that vibe lately. Works for me though because I find it to be beautiful. There are succulents at each table and terrariums on the high tops. They really added to the ultimate fresh vibe. 

We ordered an array. On the table we had two caramel lattes with almond milk and a hot chocolate with almond milk. The caramel latte tasted a bit too much like coffee for me, but I don’t drink coffee. The hot chocolate was phenomenal. It wasn’t too sweet, but instead it was perfect and the sweetness was complimented by the almond milk.

I ordered the coconut parfait. We also had a bowl of chili, a classic veggie burger, and the sweet potato sushi.

Everything was insanely fresh. That probably doesn’t sound like much, but to be quite frank, a lot of fresh places are just mediocre and somewhat pre made. This was all made when ordered though. You could tell in the taste and in the time it took for the food to be brought out. It is possible that some people may have an initial thought that the service could be considered slow, but I thought it was perfectly Sunday. An easy and chill experience. Exactly what we needed with some flavorful healthy food. 

The parfait was light and fruity, but incredibly filling. The sweet potato sushi roll had the perfect crunch and had a sweet and spicy sauce that accompanied it which had quite a kick at the end. The classic veggie burger had some spice to it and was also very filling. For me, the chili was the perfect rainy day pick. Overall, the parfait was my favorite pick – other than the hot chocolate.

We had to bring some of the chili home because ultimately it was too much for three people. The spices of the chili worked for the dish and were just as delicious as the first time.

I’ll return to Luna’s sometime soon and hopefully I’ll try a juice or smoothie. I really loved the parfait though… so to be determined on whether I try something new! 


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