Opt Outside: Hanging Rock

Fall weather is upon us. Or as I like to call it: it’s freezing.

I found that I was more inclined to hike when going from winter to spring. I think that’s because I’ve been cold and the prospect of warmer weather is simply incredible and I’m ready to be outside. Fall, however, is a reminder that it’s about to get even colder. 

Regardless, I’ve been missing going out and hiking. The weather was actually quite perfect. When hiking it was warm, but once you stopped, the cold breeze brought you back to reality. Spring doesn’t bring that weather pattern. More importantly, spring doesn’t bring the fall leaves. The fall leaves made such an impression from the top. 

The hike wasn’t too strenuous, but I definitely had to rest a few times to get to the top. Regardless, it’s so worth it. The view is spectacular. If you’re looking for a somewhere to become engulfed in the beauty of nature or simply to take a break from the hustle and bustle, Hanging Rock is a great choice.

Enjoy the NC State Park and take a million pictures. You’ll want to look at them again and again… simply making yourself want to go back.


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