Space Coast Half Marathon [2016]

Four years ago I was suckered into my first half marathon. Since then I’ve lost count of how many I’ve done. Sometime soon I think I’ll count. Either way, Space Coast has been on my list all four years. 

It’s the medals that pulled me in. The medal still pulls me in, but at this point it’s so much more.

The race is nice. If you’re from somewhere that isn’t Florida it’s a flat race. If you’re from Florida it’s kind of hilly. The weather has been good all four years and other than it being on Thanksgiving weekend, the timing is great.

Since I’ve moved from Jacksonville though, it’s been harder to maneuver. There’s a flight involved as well as transportation. Logistics. And really at this point, it’s a reason to go home. And what a fun time it was. 

I flew into Jax and stayed the night at my brothers apartment. The next day we headed down to Cocoa. While there we just hung out. We picked up my packet and ate pasta. Walked on the beach. Chill stuff. He took me to the race start in the morning, too.

The race was okay. The crowds seemed bigger. The walkers were more spread out. I run/walk so I completely understand that it can be difficult to stay out of the way, but the course isn’t wide. People were walking in rows which made it exceptionally difficult to run by them. At one point a truck was driving on the course, too. There were times when I could have ran faster and I didn’t because I didn’t have the space. I decided to Coast it and just relax during this run. In fairness, I was doing it to complete my fourth year. I didn’t arrive with any other goal.

So I finished and was glad I did. I think I honestly was just ready to hang out again. So my brother and I drove back to Jacksonville. I even was able to see my niece. It was a nice, short trip. I’m really excited to do it next year; my final year. Now that I’ve moved away though, it’s only in part for the medal. The rest is so I can hang out at home.


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