2017 & Waterfalls

Hello, 2017. 

I started the new year out as I had hoped I would. The boyfriend and I decided our first day of 2017 would be best spent outdoors doing one of my favorite North Carolina things: chasing waterfalls. When we first woke up the weather was rainy and gross which was indicative of the entire state based on weather.com. We had originally planned on making the trek to Looking Glass, but the weather was slated to be much worse in that area and would have taken almost three hours to get to. As a backup, we decided to go to Catawba Falls. It totally worked out for us. The Falls are beautiful. We didn’t go to the very top as there is quite a bit of construction happening which made it pretty difficult to determine what was a continued trail. 

The trail was updated in 2016 to include a few bridge structures; one of them was finished in September. The updates made the trail to the falls very easy. In fairness I have no idea what it was like before, but other than a few rock climbs, the trail was relatively flattened. One the way there you are basically on an incline the entire time, but keep going! It’s a short trail and it’s worth it. I don’t think the pictures did it justice and the pictures are incredible.

Because we had spent the morning debating where to go, we ended up leaving later than anticipated and we had only eaten a breakfast bar so by the time we were finished with the hike we were starving. We pulled up Yelp and found Mountain Burrito in Morganton. The pictures were pretty phenomenal so we decided to check it out. Let me just say: what a fabulous life choice. I ordered a naked burrito with chicken. Everything was so fresh! There were quite a few salsa and sauce options. I went with fresh Pico. I also had sour cream, cheese, lettuce, onion, sautéed onions and peppers. So good! I can’t wait to check it out again next time I’m heading back from a hike on 40. If you find yourself in Morganton, check out Mountain Burrito.

All in all, New Year’s Day was pretty in line with how I want my 2017 to go. How about yours?


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