Moving through the snow

When I interviewed for the job I have, it was kind of cold. Maybe in the 50’s. Even then I was in Ugg’s and dressed like it was in the 30’s. That’s the Florida life though. Anything under 70 degrees is freezing. How things have changed. I’ve now been through three snow events here in North Carolina alone. When I was younger I experienced snow enough to know it wasn’t really for me. In Maryland I stayed inside if it snowed even a quarter of an inch. When I accepted the job I figured that North Carolina is south of Maryland, therefore even less snow. Nothing to worry about.

I was wrong. And while watching snow fall is pretty, that’s about the extent of the excitement for me. Even less exciting? Moving in it. Not something I ever thought I would do. (Especially not in about 5 inches of it). Even better, the last time I moved, I told myself I would never move my stuff again. I would definitely hire someone because it is so exhausting and I’m a wimp. Alas, regardless of what you want to pay someone, they won’t move you in the snow. So we went for it.

Things I did not think about before it snowed that I 100% will never forget:

1. Snow falls on driveways and sidewalks. No one cares so you have to.

2. Snow shovels are important even if you only use it once a year.

3. Ice and sneakers are not bff’s. (I knew this one already, but mostly decided I could deal anyway. Nope. Could not deal.)

4. Screw the rain. Hunter boots are legit in snow. Just make sure you’re wearing thick socks.

Either way, we moved. The dogs LOVED the snow. It was actually really cool seeing them in it. They are also excited to be in an actual house again. I have no idea where 90% of things are located. I’m really hoping that my butternut squash soup turns out okay because I couldn’t find a measuring cup to save my life so I had to really guess on the measurements.

Also: my new Vitamix and Kitchenaid love their new home. I made an awesome smoothie with some excess fruit and you’ll have to wait and see what I break in my Kitchenaid with because I’m not sure what to make yet. That’s another blog for another day…once I find my measuring cups.


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