Living Small, Living Large

I find Asheville so fun.

Good food, local goodies, and experiences that you can get other places, but not these certain experiences all at once.

This past weekend Asheville crossed a fun little item off our bucket list. We stayed in a tiny home! It was definitely tiny…

Yea… that was the entire place minus the composting toilet. More importantly, there were alpacas and goats on the land! I loved watching them. Seriously the coolest.

How cool is that!? And yes, that’s the tiny home behind them. So very small. 

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think tiny home living is for me. But I will say, it’s a cool experience for a weekend. Just a weekend. Plus… if I were there much longer I couldn’t have fit into the little space. I ate so much!

Oh, biscuit head. Please come to Charlotte with another restaurant. I just love the food there. We ordered the daily special (above), and an order of the full breakfast with sweet potato coconut curry. I think I died with happiness.

We also had a massage at the Asheville salt cave. You couldn’t take electronics in so I didn’t take pictures – makes sense… salt and tech don’t go well. The massage was incredible. The salt cave was awesome, too, but the massage was a high point. We then did touristy things, like walk around downtown, check out white duck taco, and get some French Broad chocolates. 

If you’re looking for really good chocolates though, you should skip French Broad and go to the Chocolate Fetish. 

The Chocolate Fetish had far more flavorful truffles. You’ll really need to burn off those calories…

We had the intention of hiking all the calories off… but a lot of the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed, so the hikes didn’t happen. The overlooks were fantastic though. Make the drive and go as far as you possibly can.

Oh, Asheville. Totally weird. Totally amazing.


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