It’s an interesting quote. Alice in Wonderland always has the best words of wisdom to lean into. It’s funny though, because I actually googled “quotes about painting” and instead was greeted by a painting (I assume) of an Alice quote. Sometimes I don’t know if Google and I are on the same page, but I also think that maybe it already knows what I need.

This weekend we had a home improvement adventure. And last weekend, actually. Oh what fun to be a homeowner! Weirdly though, both tasks are things I semi-enjoyed. I’ve always liked working outside with my parents, so it made perfect sense that while she was here for the week we would work outside, too. We bought some plants, some clippers, and a spade at Lowe’s and then hit the ground running. The outside simply needed some love so we threw out some heart-shaped confetti and spread it all around.

I’m kidding, obviously.

But it really did need some love so we worked on getting the bushes to a manageable height, getting rid of the dead bushes and replacing them with new ones, and adding in some pansies.

So much yard trash!

This past weekend we decided to move things indoors since the weather became significantly colder. I haven’t really been feeling like I own a house and wasn’t sure what would make me feel that way, but I think we discovered it. Painting. I’ve rented so many places since I moved out so this really just felt like another place to live. White walls everywhere. Not since Saturday! We painted our master bathroom a green-grey color that was given to us by my mum. (No idea of the color name, so I can’t share.) It looks so much better!



While we were painting the bathroom, my mum was painting the kitchen. I decided I wanted grey throughout the house, so I picked Gravity by Valspar to work this magic. We also picked an accent grey for the entrance to and from the foyer. Really wish I remembered the color of it, but it was also a Valspar color. 

Before and after!

We still have some of the kitchen to paint, but we were able to finish painting the living room. Since it’s an open floor plan the grey really brings the rooms together and feels a lot warmer than it did when the room was plain white. 

My messy work in progress!

Soon we’ll experiment with some crown molding! All in all, the project was pretty intense. My whole body is sore and I’ll likely need to attend a stretch yoga class this week. I will say that mentally, it was pretty calming. I was so focused on the task that I didn’t really roam around in my head too much, which is good because it’s kind of crazy up there. I’m excited to try out new projects, too…because who knows what you can accomplish when you’re learning new things!


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