A Funfetti Birthday Cake

I enjoy celebrating birthdays. I love the idea of being able to give to someone – whether it’s a thing or an experience. It’s even more fun to give someone a birthday dessert. Baking can be such a labor of love and I find myself always trying to find something that celebrates the other person for the amazing trips around the earth. 

As you know, we recently went to Asheville to celebrate my boyfriends birthday. Since the trip didn’t fall on his birthday, I still wanted to make a birthday cake to celebrate. When I was trying to find a cake, I decided I wanted something very bright and happy. Naturally, I started searching for funfetti recipes. 

I came across this recipe and knew that it was a nice balance of rich chocolate and funfetti sweetness. I went ahead and got to work. 

The cake itself is beautiful. I used the pastel sprinkles on the inside since I didn’t have enough of the bright ones for both inside and outside. The cake cooked so evenly and I was really happy with it. Naturally, something always goes a little wrong when I bake. This time, it was the cake size. The recipe calls for three 6-inch pans, which I discovered as I was pouring the batter. I don’t have 6-inch pans… I have 8-inch pans. The batter does not make enough for that kind of cake, so I went ahead and consolidated to end up with a two layer cake.

Doesn’t sound like a problem, right?

Well. Let me tell you. 

The recipe doesn’t make an excess of icing. In theory there should still be enough icing, but I used all of the icing and barely iced the middle of the cake. It makes me wonder how the pictures of the three layer has so much icing in the middle.

The other issue with making a wider cake? You’ll need to double the ganache. Do it at one time. I discovered this issue after I had already put it on the top… yeah… that doesn’t work. 

While the cake didn’t go quite as planned, it was still awesome. I will say that the cake was better the next day. On the initial tasting the cake was really dense and the second day the icing had softened it a little bit. The cake is phenomenal with ice cream. I recommend Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies. Overall, it’s a beautiful cake. It’s bright and happy and tastes terrific.

Give it a try! The birthday celebration will be great with it.


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