Something enjoyable

I have many recipes to share. Sometimes picking one to post for the week is insanely difficult. I have four ready to go at the moment. Granted none of them are written, but the pictures… they are in the queue.

Each week I like to decide what I’ll write about. A lot of the times it ends up being about the awesome dessert that week. Other times, it’s just about life or some wild adventure.

This weekend was full of fun. A ton of living. If you follow me on twitter then you know I have no problem living. Discovering a new city is great and I’ve quickly found some favorites.

For instance, I have taken quite a few Skillpop classes in Charlotte. They are awesome local classes that teach about a variety of topics. This weekend I took a mixed watercolor and handlettering class. It was so neat.

I’ve taken handlettering before, but the watercolor classes have always sold out before I could sign up. 

I had a great time and met some really interesting people. I highly recommend it. Plus you can learn a new skill!

The weather was also insanely nice. This time last year it was a solid 30 degrees. This weekend: 75! Definitely winning. We ended up taking the puppies to the local state park so that they could get some energy out. I’m honestly not sure which of us liked it more.

They actually look happy so I’ll assume they were stoked. They are usually pretty emo so I’m logging it as a win.

I’ve learned a lot since I moved. It’s been challenging at times, but it’s also a cool journey. Ultimately just enjoying life as much as I can, because what else can you do? It’s a huge shift in thinking from where I was about a year and a half ago.

My parents are probably just excited that I’m slightly more outdoorsy. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a princess.


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