Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes you just have to peer pressure your friends. Especially when cookies are involved.

I basically peer pressured two of my coworkers into making chocolate chip cookies. The three of us picked a chocolate chip cookie recipe that we wanted to make… and then all brought the cookies into work! This was a great day… also a slightly sickening day.

I love kitchenaid bowl pictures! 

So I roamed the internet and found this recipe and it’s pulled from Williams Sonoma, so I figured it should be pretty decent. More importantly, I didn’t have time to find salt flakes, so I bought some on Amazon Prime. The cookie dough is so delicious and the salt flakes haven’t even graced its presence!

They make so much of a difference! I was actually really surprised. And I think the cookies ended up being even better the next day. While they were really nice when gooey, they stayed really soft and perfect.

What’s your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? Something tells me they are all quite delicious.


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