May your trails be crooked

Sometimes you just need to book a flight and get away.

Also known as: sometimes you need to invite yourself on someone else’s vacation.

I swear I was joking when I mentioned that I wanted to join… but you know that jokes are usually rooted in truth. I’m super glad that Becky and her family said yes and that my family was supportive enough to wish me well on a journey full of strangers. I mean, I knew Becky… so not complete strangers? Only four strangers. Stranger danger need not apply here.

Off to Vegas I flew.

And yes, you’re reading correctly! I didn’t just fly anywhere with the stranger fam. I flew to sin city. We all make choices in life. I’m living it up.

The plane ride was a breeze, I was knocking out my book club book. We landed, found our home for the next little while, and roamed. We ate, we found the Sprinkles cupcake and ice cream shop, there was a small amount of gambling. I fell asleep early. Like I said, sin city.

We changed it up on day two. It’s so strange to me that I’ve been to Vegas a handful of times and never checked out Red Rock Canyon. I feel as though the only explanation I can think of is that the crew I was with each time wasn’t really interested in any nature other than the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Red Rock is quite amazing though. It’s insanely close to the strip and only $7 per car to enjoy. If you’re not into hiking you can drive through and take it all in. There are a ton of parking stops to get out and enjoy. Or you can hike the several trails.

We intended on hiking. We really did.

So cold. So windy.

Alas, we climbed some rocks and took a ton of pictures. In fairness, when we packed for the trip the forecast was mid 70’s for the entire trip. Instead the high for today, for example, is a solid 54. Not quite the same. Regardless, it was beautiful. While the pictures are good, I’m not sure they do it justice.
If you’re here, check it out. Plus, you can take pictures that make your butt look terrific! AND it’s only 10 am and I’m drinking an Angry Orchard Cider. So you can balance out Vegas. You really can. We still have plenty of time here so who knows what I’ll be sharing about my adventures next week. You have to come back and see!


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