Just Like Fire

You know how I was just in Vegas?

Oh, you don’t? Maybe catch up a little with this.

We had a little hiking fun, but can you really ever have enough? Before we went, I told Becky that I really wanted to check out Valley of Fire. I had somehow come across the park on Instagram and since I didn’t want to barge in on Becky’s first trip to Sin City (other than inviting myself to begin with), I only made two requests. She actually documents them here.

Spoiler alert: Valley of Fire and In-N-Out. The burger was for her good, the park was for my own.


I don’t know that there are truly any words that can describe the Valley. I’m sure that if you live in the area and you’re used to the desert it’s easy and seems like nothing. Alas, being from the east coast, the only thing red is the gross red clay underneath the grass in Charlotte. Valley of Fire is beautiful. Plus it looks like Star Wars. And Mars. We kept making Star Wars references…

The park is only about an hour away from Las Vegas. The drive was straight forward and mostly paved. Once you’re on the highway don’t be expecting to stop much. Once you get passed the International Speedway you’re on your own when it comes to a bathroom or a rest stop.


The park costs $10 to get in – they should charge so much more. We arrived there around 1pm and it wasn’t nearly enough time. The clocks hadn’t yet changed so we didn’t have the sun working in our favor. The park closed at 5:30pm and we were there right until the end.

There are plenty of trails you can roam along. We drove around and did some of the short hikes since our time was limited. It was truly amazing. Check it out if you’re in Las Vegas – it has such beauty that you won’t be able to find on the strip! I am so excited to plan another trip to Vegas just so I can explore more of the state parks around the city. If you were to see a park within three hours, where would you go? I need recommendations!

Happy reading, happy hiking.


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