The Wilderness Calls

I’m not sure what part of the weekend would constitute as wilderness. Is wilderness relative? If so, I was in the wilderness all weekend.

We went to Chimney Rock over the weekend because I’ve really wanting to go. The pictures online are really pretty and I’ve heard such good things that I wanted to go. 

So drive away we went! 

And then climbed forever. Literally forever. So many stairs! My calves were quite on fire. Thankfully it was overcast and slightly windy so we weren’t overwhelmingly hot.

The views were pretty, but it wasn’t my favorite hike. It’s $15 per person to enter the park which wasn’t terrible considering all of the work being done there, but we’ve been to more amazing hikes for free.

After that trek into the wild, we went home, made some drinks, and relaxed. We wanted to make s’mores using our fit pit so we set it all up and sat back to enjoy. While relaxing, I decided I wanted to do something I’d never done before: camp. 

I’m not exactly sure if setting up a tent in your back yard is considered camping. However, I’ve never slept in a tent outside before… so to me it’s camping! Plus s’mores… so basically what I believe camping to be. All of the things! 

Ultimately, I’m one step closer to camping out in the actual wilderness. And I wasn’t even scared, in my own backyard.


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