Eat & Relax

I’m always looking for new things to try. Whether it’s a new hobby, like my new interest in handlettering, or a new place to visit, like hiking throughout North Carolina.This weekend, we tried a few new things. We had a ton of fun and were feeling relaxed even though we really did a lot. To cover some everyday basics: we roamed to the mall and did some shopping. That may not seem very exciting, but it was. And if you have a Lush store visit in your near future, you should check out this Buffy bar. It’s really quite life altering. Especially after shaving. (Speaking of, I just started getting the executive dollar shave club razor. Compared to a normal women’s razor, it’s amazing!)

I digress.

So, errands, errands, errands… we also mowed our yard for the first time, so that’s cool. Oh, and I ran more than two miles for the first time since November. It was way harder than I anticipated.

And you’re ready for me to move on, I assume?

The Foodie Things.

This weekend we tried two places: Babalu in Dilworth and Epic Chophouse in Mooresville.


So I wanted to try Babalu because I’ve been dying to try somewhere with tableside guacamole here in Charlotte. I was shocked to discover that tableside guac doesn’t seem to be a big thing here. But it’s a big thing to me and I’ve been craving some so badly. [Note: tableside guac is way better than just some guac brought to you from the menu. Freshly made guac can’t be beat.] And I was SO HAPPY because it was delicious! I’d go again to satisfy my craving. For those of you thinking I could have simply made my own: you’re right. I do make my own quite often, but sometimes you want to see what someone else’s guac style is. I also got tacos desayuno – so good – and the bf ordered three different types of tacos. Everything was really delicious. The restaurant doesn’t have amazing reviews on Yelp, but to be completely honest – the food was great and so was the service. Oh and my pineapple margarita was also on point.

Epic Chophouse:

We dressed up for this one. Partly because we wanted to, and partly because we weren’t sure if we needed to. It didn’t seem like we needed to, but honestly I was glad we did. The atmosphere was perfect for a date night dinner. We shared a Wedge Salad and then my boyfriend ordered a filet with mashed potatoes and I ordered the chicken pot pie. The waitress kept making it seem like the chicken pot pie was tiny, so I also ordered a side of asparagus. The pot pie IS NOT tiny. It’s quite massive. It’s actually insanely massive considering it only cost $16 which was less than almost everything on the menu, including some appetizers. The filet was really good. I don’t love steak, but the flavoring on the filet was nicely charred and had a bold flavor. The pot pie was great, but I almost wish it didn’t have a crust and was deconstructed over some mashed potatoes. And I barely tried the asparagus because I already knew I wanted dessert. The Epic cake is MASSIVE. It was also an amazing piece of cake. Not too much icing and not dry. Get it. Just go in and order the cake. You’ll be so insanely happy that you did.

Then we saw Power Rangers!

It was so cheesy. So great. I really liked it because it completely met my expectations of what a cheesy Power Rangers move should be.

Follow that up with some overall perfect weather so that I could simply lay in my hammock and read with the doggies: perfection. I only wish the weekend would have lasted that much longer.


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