Hello from HSV

I love to travel. I really don’t mind going to the same place over and over again, either. Especially when I get to see family.

I flew to Huntsville, AL for my mums birthday and to see my cousins from England for the first time in… awhile.

One of my favorite places is in HSV. The Huntsville Botanical Gardens.

The gardens have expanded quite a bit and have a new welcome center. It’s even more magical!

I’m lucky that my parents also love the gardens. They have a membership there so as long as the weather is decent they are always ready to go. As you can see in the picture above, my dad has not gotten used to the idea of taking a ton of pictures at once to capture my headstand. Instead, we ended up with a picture of me falling down. That’s okay though! My legs look fab.

We also went to Lowe Mill. Super cool if you’re into the local scene and art. We were able to buy some watercolor paper that we haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

And we had an awesome popsicle. I really wanted the one that was made from the bourbon that’s distilled in the Mill, but they were out.

We also walked around downtown Huntsville. It was beautiful and I ended up with quite a sunburn. Super impressive since I haven’t had a sunburn in years.


Naturally, we also went to the space museum. I’ve been before, but it’s still a neat place to check out and learn. You never take it all in the first time.

It was an awesome trip and seeing family is always great. Truly never long enough. Can’t wait to be back. However I am trying to convince the crew that we need to take a family trip. Where should we go this time? (Last time it was Vermont!)

Wonder what I’ll get up to next week! Until then…


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