Earth Day & Morrow Mountain

My mum was pretty excited when I started running. She said she was happy I was getting outdoors more. I have to admit, I haven’t been running too much lately, but running did start the adventure. And my mum is right, it is exciting that I get outdoors more. I really enjoy getting back to the earth. 

The fact that Earth Day fell on a Saturday was the best! It was supposed to rain all weekend, but Earth Day pulled a solid and provided unlimited sunshine. 

We picked up Becky and headed to Morrow Mountain. This is the first hike I’ve done towards the east in North Carolina. While this one didn’t include a massive waterfall, it was beautiful. There were quite a few trails. We took a wrong turn and ended up driving to the top. The views were brilliant.

We drove back down and did fall mountain trail. We picked that one since it ran along the river and looped around for about four miles. 

I was surprised that more people weren’t on the trails, but a lot of people were fishing. There’s also an option to rent canoes, which is awesome. Quite a few people had rented canoes and were enjoying the beautiful weather.

The trails were nice and shady. The course was very well marked. And even more importantly: the bathrooms were clean! That’s always important. 

There were quite a few trees burned; I assume for new growth. I’d really like to go back and try some of the other trails. Especially the one with the climb to the top. Regardless, I earned the burger I had shortly after! 

We hadn’t been hiking for a little while and this was teriffic. It was a much needed return. Not sure where to go next though… What should I add to the list?


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