Charlotte Adventures

It’s always fun when friends come into town. My friend Kristina drove up from Jacksonville and tasked me with knowing what to do while she was here. Since I haven’t explored Charlotte too much, I wasn’t completely sure what to do. Research began… between Yelp, the Charlotte Agenda, and Facebook, there were a ton of ideas. I narrowed it down to a few and we went from there.

Friday we just wanted somewhere to eat. We were wanting to try The Blue Parrot because of how relaxing it might be. And that it was! We had some appetizers and drinks and it was so chill. The food was pretty decent for a bar and the drinks were perfect! We basically relaxed at the house for the rest of Friday evening since we maybe drank a little too much.


Saturday we made breakfast early and headed to Patterson Farms. The farm had posted that it was baby animal time. WITH BABY GOATS. How can you say no to that? Even better, it was free! The only charge was for cups of feed if you wanted the goats to run up to you excitedly. No brainer.

It was a really next experience. You can also pick strawberries there, but we didn’t this time. The baby animals were so adorable. I highly recommend checking the farm out.

We then went to the Charlotte Veg Fest. I found it on Facebook and figured it would offer some interesting information and food opportunities. We picked up my friend Azka and checked it out. The event was free, but the parking was $5. Honestly, I was glad it was only $5 because the experience wasn’t what I thought it would be. There wasn’t much there.

We then roamed to Babalu for some delicious lunch. This time I had guacamole, Mexican street corn, and a chicken taco. SO FULL. Afterwards, we went and played games at Azka’s house. Nothing like a good game of Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, and some intense Uno games.

Naturally we wanted food again so we went to Tupelo Honey for dinner. I must say, I wasn’t as impressed with Tupelo for dinner as I was impressed with it when I went for lunch. Naturally, the fried chicken was phenomenal.


On Sunday we decided to check out Lazy 5 Ranch since we had passed it on the way to Patterson Farms on Saturday. It was such a neat experience. So many animals! And so many animals that want to get into your car. I highly recommend checking it out. When people had told me about it at work I didn’t know what to expect. If you go, unless it’s threatening to rain, you should pay the extra to go on the wagon. Seeing it from the car is really neat, but I think the wagon is on a whole other level. JUST DO IT!

The weekend was packed full and I’m quite exhausted, but it was brilliant. I had so much fun, and hopefully so did Kristina! And now we are watching Finding Dory…so ya know..


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