Run, Piggy!

It’s been awhile since I did a new half marathon. Since I moved, I haven’t completed as many runs. I’m not sure if it’s because there aren’t as many here, of if I just don’t find out about them. Since the Space Coast half in November, I’ve barely even ran at all. While I do my Orangetheory workouts, and I’ve done a few miles here and there, I haven’t actually gotten back into the cycle of training.

About a year ago I signed up for the Flying Pig 3-Way Skyline Chili with extra cheese challenge. This one has been on my radar for a while now. Something about medals with piggys on them just makes me happy.


Let me just say: I am immensely glad I did this race series. While I really should have trained, and I wish I had, I would have kicked myself if I had decided to wait it out.

When I told people I was going Cincinnati, I never received a positive response. I guess there’s just something about Ohio that makes people cringe a little bit. How wrong. I had an amazing time. While the weather was really cool – and at first insanely rainy – I thought Cincinnati offered up a lot to do while looking beautiful.


I arrived really early Friday morning when the weather was at its worst. The folks at Millennium Hotel were so kind to let me check-in at 10 am instead of 4 pm. The hotel is a bit older, but everyone was so kind and I was on the 27th floor so the views were really cool. I roamed to Maplewood Kitchen & Bar to have lunch, went to Starbucks, and then hit up the expo! And what an expo. I totally forgot P&G was in Cincinnati, but they definitely reminded me. So much free swag. And so many other vendors had snacks. It was a complete winning event. Plus, piggies everywhere! And the Charmin bear. Too much fun. After that I went back to the hotel, enjoyed my piggy cake pop, and took a 15 minute nap. Because then it was time for the cold and rainy Little King’s Mile. Awesome route at night! The city lights are beautiful. I did my fastest mile in a really long time. Because…holy cold.

On day two, I completed the 10k and the 5k. The weather held! It was supposed to rain all day, but it was so sunny. I really liked the route and oh man did the Flying Pig folks have their crap together. Each event ran so smoothly. I was incredibly impressed. I was really happy and enjoyed my experience.

After that we had some Indian food. Yum, yum, yum! We then decided to check out the Krohn’s Conservatory. The butterflies are in town, plus it’s indoors. What a gorgeous place to visit. I couldn’t convince all of the butterflies to land on me. So unfortunate. But Cory had one land on him which was equally exciting. I was a bit worn out kind of early on so we went back to take a nap. Because why not nap time? But then the Reds were in town! We haven’t been to a pro baseball game before so we decided to check it out. What a fun time…and I don’t even like baseball! Plus then we had a s’mores cake. So basically day made.

And then final race day! Oh how I was not ready for Sunday. My body was a little bit sore. And continued to become more sore as I ran. Usually my body warms up and I get into a rhythm, but I just didn’t on this one. That’s okay though. You know how in Kimmy Schmidt she says she can do anything for 10 seconds? Yea…I spend most of the run counting down from 10. Reminding myself that anything is possible. Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.45.58 PM

The crowd was awesome. The volunteers were awesome. The medals were great. The finish party was bumping. I really recommend The Flying Pig. Whether you do one event or all of them. It’s worth it. I had a great time and Cincinnati offered up so much.


I love giraffes so you know I had to toss those in. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical gardens was really neat. Quite a few exhibits were being worked on, but all-in-all I really liked exploring. Plus it added to the vibe of the city I’d already seen. So much gorgeous green space.

If you check it out next year, I’d love to hear. And if you have any other half marathons you think I should explore, share those, too!


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