Something New, Something Familiar

I went ahead and awarded myself a long weekend. I’d say that sometimes you need to reset, but this was kind of busy. Thankfully it wasn’t busy in the “forever exhausted” kind of way, but it wasn’t a long weekend of massages, either.

We hit up Jacksonville to see some friends and discover a couple of new places. When I lived there I didn’t roam to the beach too often, but this weekend I landed there a few times. 

People were definitely out, soaking up the sunshine! The breeze was pretty nice, too, so I didn’t mind it very much. I also was enjoying some beach food, so of course I was happy.

Before visiting one of my friends, we picked up some doughnuts from Good Dough. I’m not super into doughnuts, but they were pretty fab. You can also see them making the through a window and I just think that’s the coolest thing ever. My friend also served us some legit cake she made so I’d basically had all of the sugar before nine.

More importantly, I was able to see my friends and their brand new baby who is basically my new best friend ever. He was just the sweetest thing. And I won’t post his picture since I didn’t ask, but trust me: ADORABLE.

I’d gotten my Indian food fix the night before, but had plans to meet my friend Kristina at The Bread & Board. I’d been wanting to try it out and I’m so happy I did. The food is super fresh, and we really enjoyed what we ordered. Kristina went rouge and ordered something that wasn’t on the menu, Cory ordered the ribs, and I ordered the pulled chicken salad board.

The bread is phenomenal. All of it was great and fresh. And they give you the largest cups ever for water. More places need big water cups.

Anyway, enough about food.

We also went bowling. I suck.

We also hung out with my boyfriends friend, Holli. (She reps Belle of the Blvd.) I think my dogs are going to be so jealous about her dog loving on me.

I also got to hang out with my niece and brother, which was just great. Plus some other friends that I didn’t force into taking pictures with me. All in all a great weekend filled with sunshine! Which makes the rain seem all the more dreary.

Thankfully, I’ll be back in a few months… GAAM keeps the bf coming back! So you know I’ll be tagging along.


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