Why do you run?

I love when I get an e-mail through my blog. I think it’s so cool that someone stopped by and wanted to engage only because of what I’ve written before. It’s such a small gesture, but totally exciting.

I few weeks ago I had a new e-mail with somewhat of a loaded question: what causes you to run?

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now. I think it’s kind of hard to answer since I’m at a low point in my distances. Since I moved I really haven’t been running. Instead I’ve been putting my body through rigorous tests each time I lace up my sneakers for a running event that I didn’t train for. There really have been so many times that I’ve been running and thought: why am I doing this?

Let me be super clear up front – first and foremost – I do it for the medals. The distances I’ve ran have usually been so I have cool shiny thing to prove my accomplishment. It’s almost always been my driver.

What I’ve been thinking about though, is that there has to be more. For all of those times I laced up my shoes and ran on a Monday just because. Or the times that I was sick and it was not remotely fun. Those times when someone placed the medal around my neck and I didn’t feel quite as excited as I did before.

I was inspired by Eventbrite’s nonprofit run for a cause campaign to write about what causes really light me up for a run.  While I prefer to run events that do donate money, I don’t think I’ve ever specifically picked a run because of a non-profit affiliation. I think the support is always something I’m proud of. One of the race recap facts I love the most is the section that talks about how much money we raised for whatever cause it happened to be. And don’t get me wrong, if there’s a race for something I don’t believe in, I’m less likely to do it. Furthermore, if there was a race to support Planned Parenthood or Donors Choose, I’d be there as long as I am able, because I do have causes that mean a lot to me.

For me, running is somewhat of my own cause. It’s time for me to push myself. It’s time that I can think. It’s time where I mentally push myself down, just to bring myself back up again. And sometimes it’s both none of those things and all of them. For each race I’ve done, I can look at the medal and remember something special about it. Since I’ve been traveling for a lot of races lately, each run is a different city. A different landscape. A different cause. A ton of different perspectives.

My most recent running event, The Flying Pig, had several charity partners around Cincinnati. There are so many races that all you the opportunity to raise money in running and if you’re open to travel, the possibilities are endless. Even in simply searching the Eventbrite causes page I was able to find a ton of opportunity to join causes for a run.

I don’t have another run planned until November – my final year of the Big Bang Challenge at Space Coast – but I’m looking forward to see what running challenges I can beat next year…and what causes I can support just by slowly making it to the finish line.


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