Poop Emoji Cupcakes

I received an invite on my work calendar for a themed birthday celebration the other day. The email didn’t specify what the theme was though so I had to do some digging. Turned out the intent was to make a theme of anything I knew my friend would like that happened to be themed.

I pretty much knew right away what I wanted to attempt to make.

My friend Jenn and I entertain each other with some really stupid stuff. It’s great. We are basically 12 year-old boys and laugh hysterically when poop is mentioned. And she likes it when I bake chocolate desserts.

So you know…that logically left me making a poop emoji cupcakes.

I basically just used a trusty chocolate cupcake and chocolate buttercream recipe. Once they were ready to go, I went ahead and swirled the buttercream on top of the cupcake.

Once I’d made some soft-serve poop heads, I added some candy eyes that I bought at Walmart. For the mouth? I had some Ghirardelli white chocolate melts that I cut in half.

To be completely honest, I laughed after I finished each cupcake. Each one turned out a little different and they were completely fun! Not only that, but they were such a fun hit at work. We all giggled helplessly…and sometimes that’s just what you need.


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