DIY Wooden Sign

Lately I’ve been making all kinds of lettered goodness. I really like using watercolor and pens to create something that’s pretty unique. And while a ton of people on IG are doing it, they all look pretty different. Plus, I never thought I could be this artsy.

I started learning to letter at a Skillpop class in Charlotte. I had been wanting to take a class for awhile and had kind of stumbled upon the offering at Skillpop. Since then, I’ve taken a hybrid lettering + watercolor class and will be taking two more watercolor classes soon. Other than that, I’ve pretty much watched people on Youtube and Instagram to get ideas on artsy things I’d like to try.

Which led me to sign making.

Well…kind of. I saw something that peaked my interest…I have no idea how it was made. So I basically told my boyfriend what was in my head and we just figured it out from there. Let me just say though, most things that are in my head do not turn out remotely as I imagine. While there are things I would change about this sign…it turned out much better than I had hoped. And I kind of loved it.

Like I said, I had a thought and I went with it. To do that, we ran to Lowe’s and picked up a 2×4, some wood glue, clamps, and stain. Later I realized I needed something to finish it up with as a sealant.

I measured and cut four 12-in boards using a miter saw (thanks dad!). Then I went ahead and sanded them. [Basically every DeWalt tool used here my dad gave me…so thanks dad, again!] After that I put the boards how I thought I wanted them to end up. Once I was happy with the design, I put some wood glue on the sides and clamped the boards together.

Once it dried I went ahead and sanded it again since I ended up being a little glue-happy. After that, I applied some stain. When the first stain dried, I went ahead and stained it again.

Then you wait, wait, wait…

Once it dried I was able to letter on it. I practiced spacing on a piece of paper first. Then I used an oil-based Sharpie to letter. Once the lettering dried I had to go over it again because the pen didn’t quite work as I had hoped. Wait some more…

And then cover it in sealant! Wait…cover it again… wait a ton more.

And then admire! I was really pleased with how this turned out. So pleased, in fact, that I gave it as a baby shower gift because it turned out as I had intended. I’m fairly certain that I would do a few things differently, but all in all it was an awesome first experience.
Now I need to think of the next quote I would like to try on my next sign…Any ideas?


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