Whole30: Week One

A year ago I thought about trying Whole30. 

A year ago I read It Starts With Food. Each month I thought of a million reasons why I couldn’t do it that month. I’ve seen plenty of people be successful and yet each time I didn’t think I would be. I never thought I had the self control. Nor did I think I had the time. Plus, it would be so expensive. And I would have to get rid of all the junk in my house just to buy it all again when I’d finish because I like to bake.

And here we are.

I didn’t throw away all of the junk. I haven’t needed to throw anything away. I’ve been really determined about making this happen. These are the 30 days that I’ve carved this out for me to complete. I’m accepting the challenge. I’m making my health a priority.

Most importantly: I’ve learned that I have some of the most intense self-control.

Don’t get me wrong. Week one was intense. I was hungry. I didn’t quite figure out how to eat enough. I was tired. So very tired. I only went to the gym once. I felt like I’d done the wrong thing. That maybe I should just give up. 

But I didn’t. 

And trust me, on day two I was at a business dinner. One where they ordered a ton of non-compliant food. There were so many desserts. I could have just tried them. It was only day two! But I didn’t…

…and I slept most of the next day. 

I’ve been leaning pretty heavily on eggs and sweet potato for breakfast. For the first week I had salads, cauliflower rice burrito bowls, sweet potato shepherds pie, and some compliant chicken tikka masala. Pinterest has been pretty helpful…although you have to really know your rules because some people will post something as whole30 compliant, but it’s not.

Also: going out kind of sucks. I missed out on so much! Unlimited chips and queso… a distillery tasting… sushi lunch! First world problems, for sure.

Like I said, week one was tough and I was tired, but once week one is behind you, how do you give up? 


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