Whole30: Week Two

Time has both flown by and stayed quite still.

I’ve completed my second week of Whole30 and am almost done with week 3. Week two was so much better than week one! I started to get into a rhythm. I started having some energy. It was pretty amazing.

Even more than that, I was tested and I succeeded! I made a cake for my directors birthday. And this might sound utterly ridiculous, but it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The cake turned out awesome – or so I was told – but it really took a lot out of me to make it. More than that, it took out some of the most important steps: tasting the batter and the frosting. How do you know, as a baker, if it’s even good? You don’t. You trust in someone else to make that call. Thankfully my boyfriend isn’t doing Whole30 with me and was able to taste it for me. He took it in stride, too, considering that I left the bowl for him to have the rest of the batter and he said he wouldn’t have it since I couldn’t. *Best ever!!!*

Anyway, now that I’ve tempted you with cake…

Sloppy Joe baked potatoes got me through my lunches. I’ve also pretty heavily relied on banana cashew milk smoothies for breakfast while alternating days with sweet potato and egg. Dinner? Well, that’s ranged. The worst thing so far has been days when I’ve forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer in advance. I’m not a fan of forcing the defrost, so I’ve usually had to come up with something else at the last minute. I will say: cashew milk mashed potatoes are pretty on point.

I did make some pretty fabulous Chicken Tikka Masala though. I have to admit… It would still have been better with some naan. Way better. And since it was already pretty legit, that’s a strong statement.

Overall, I’m pleased with myself. Week one and two felt vastly different. And I already know that week 3 feels even more different than either week. But I’m making it. I’ve lasted much longer than I thought I would and that’s all that counts.

Have any Whole30 recipes? Well…I need them! Please feel free to share 🙂


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