Asheville Yoga Festival

I didn't go to Orangetheory last week. Mainly because my body was legit confused on what was going on.

As you may know, I finished Whole 30 on a Thursday. I then drove to Asheville for a yoga festival. I didn't pack enough "compliant" food to take with me even though I'd intended on easing out of whole30. On top of that, I was about to spend 14 hours doing yoga between two days. I've barely made it through hour long classes in the past. It was about to be wild – and I was about to prove a whole lot to myself.

Which is impressive since I'd just spend a month proving things to myself.

Anyway, I trekked to Asheville on a Friday night and hit up White Duck Taco. I was so pleased with my first non-compliant meal. So tasty! And I didn't regret it at all. I curled up in my hotel bed after and read a book. I was ready to go!

And Day one was madly intense. I took some notes in my passion planner. I barely had time to eat. I was trekking across downtown Asheville for classes. Thankfully I had a couple of Larabars. By my last class I was completely tired and hungry. I was so impressed with the things I'd been able to do, but also disappointed when I couldn't do things I know how to do. There was a lot of emotion. I think this was in part due to spending so much time on my mat, and also due to the change in food.

The second day I was so sore. And my body hates me. I hadn't eaten a whole30 dinner and because I'd been so hungry I'd eaten all of the things. There wasn't time for recovery so I just continued on. By my last class I did a lot of watching, and that was totally okay.

There ended up only being one class I didn't really care for. Other than that I had an amazing time with some incredible teachers! I got some learning in about my yoga wheel. I took pictures of some awesome people. More than that, I took a class about being a perfectionist and how to let myself off the hook just a little bit. I also took a class where we wrote about things that we didn't want to hold onto anymore and we burned the paper. It's kind of amazing how I really have let some of those things go.

And I learned a lot. I learned that food really adjusts your recovery. I learned that it's okay to be less hard on yourself. I also learned that a ton of yoga makes your body feel just as rough as running a half marathon. More importantly… I learned that I can't wait to do it again next year!

Some of my thoughts I wrote in my journal, and some I've just decided to hold on to. Either way, my mat is a much more sacred place because of my experience.

Plus… tickets went on sale for next year… I think I might go for longer…!


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