Just Another Tuesday

There are so many things to write about today.

I’m sitting next to a beach – traveling again for work – waiting for my burger to arrive because I’ve been traveling all day and I’m absolutely starving.

Yes, I’m totally aware that this meal will not help with my cholesterol.

I’m supposed to be networking with people that haven’t been to this conference before either. Instead, I am exhausted and hungry. My mind is tired. All day – this post being written on Monday – I’ve been in and out of airports trying to get across the country. All day I’ve watched, listened, and absorbed both September 11th and my hometown flooding due to a hurricane. All day I’ve seen social media blow up about not forgetting and lacking power. It’s kind of a lot to process. It’s kind of a lot to talk to a stranger when you’re so bogged down.

Instead, I’m quite happy to mentally check out for an hour. I’m sitting just outside of the happy hour. There’s a nice little breeze. The waves are gently crashing. It’s beautiful.

In fairness, in about an hour I’ll be taking a tour of the conference area. Immensely hoping that I do not get constantly lost over the next few days. (Ha. I have no concept of direction). Then, who knows! I really am excited to dive into things. And by the time this posts, I’ll be knee deep in meetings and chats. I’ll be wishing I can keep up with the apple updates – nerd alert! I’ll be trying to mentally challenge people and their business because I love the conversation and the banter.

But for now… a break.



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