Sunny in Santa Barbara

Last week I was in Santa Barbara at a conference. While I didn’t have much time on my own, I tried to fit in as much as possible. The weather was beautiful, although I’m still clearly a Florida girl because there were plenty of times when I was extremely cold and had to go back and grab a sweater.

Somehow my room was bumped up to a room with an Ocean view. That was some serious luck. I stayed at the Hyatt Centric. When I first walked into the room it smelled a little musky, but the second I opened the patio door, I didn’t even care. Anytime I was in the hotel room – other than while I was sleeping – I left the door open just so I could hear the waves.

I walked out to the beach a couple of times, too. It helped that some of my early evening meetings were on the oceanside. More than that, I walked quite a few places. One morning I wanted to try Backyard Bowl – that was about 1.5 miles from my hotel. I also tried McConnell’s ice cream, and the Honor Cafe.

All of the food I had outside of the hotel was fabulous. It makes sense that Santa Barbara has the most restaurants per capita. At least I think that’s true… I went on a tour on the Landshark and that’s what they told us.

I thought I would see dolphins on the Landshark, but they didn’t seem to be out for us. Instead I saw a bunch of seal lions. I also saw someone get dragged out of the water and then get questioned by cops. It was a very eventful land/sea tour. I’d never done one of those and at times I was convinced we would just tip over in the boat. But we didn’t. And looking back I don’t even know why I thought that we would.

While I didn’t get to hike in Santa Barbara and most of my times were in meetings, I loved the view and the weather overall. I appreciated the lifestyle and adored the proximity of the mountains and the beach. Realistically I want to go back for a relaxing trip where I can roam around, but have no obligations.

I’ll basically add it to my list…


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