A Little Bit Local

The weather!

It cooled down suddenly this weekend. And I mean suddenly. Both mornings it was 55 degrees. I need notice for these kinds of things. I did not receive notice.

Both days it was a high of low 80’s/high 70’s which was beautiful. It was pretty perfect weather for the opening weekend of the renaissance festival in Huntersville.

If I’ve been to a renaissance fair, I don’t remember much about it. This event was a really fun experience. We learned a little bit – like you need cash; oops! But we mostly roamed around and just took it all in.

The entertainment was great and the food options were way more than I’d thought there would be. My bf and I tried our (terrible) hand at archery. All of the goods being sold were truly amazing. The level of skill shown there was impressive. And since we didn’t come prepared with cash… I couldn’t get my hair done in an insanely cool braid. Maybe we’ll get dressed up, go again, and then get my hair braided. Maybe.

We then decided to stop by Southern Distillery. They were having a grand opening party and it’s pretty close to us, so we figured we would support a new local venture. They were giving out bbq sandwiches and hot dogs that they had just grilled up as well as handing out raffle tickets for fun giveaways. We decided to take a long tour. It was $15 for a half an hour tour. Super interesting! We’ve done quite a few distillery and brewery tours in the past so they start to run together a bit. This one was nice because they talked a lot about the history of alcohol in North Carolina and how the county we were in was involved in all of it.

We summed up the weekend at The Blue Parrot with some friends. A great view to enjoy in some beautiful weather.

Because I was feeling both fall and local, I made this fun little print to celebrate!

I also convinced my boyfriend to do some fall porch decorating with me. He’s such a good sport! We went to a local farm stand and picked up some super cool pumpkins. Many of which I’d never seen before. Now we are ready!

Oh and you know what else happened? My snow boots came! Now I have a jacket and some boots… Basically ready…

Enjoy every single day. And be unapologetically you.

Until next week ✌🏼


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