Test and learn: house edition

Owning a home involves all kinds of projects. Everyone will tell you this.

Some projects are self-inflicted and others are a bit more necessary. For example: having lights and fans in rooms, I find somewhat necessary. Storm doors in North Carolina? Not necessary. Fixing the garden? Depends who you ask. Tackling all three projects in the same weekend? Completely unnecessary.

Sign us up!

Ever needed to test a relationship? Put up a storm door. And make sure the door frame you’re putting it on has settled a bit. None of that brand new house stuff. You need some character for this test. Because it’s a real test and if your doorframe is perfect…well, then there’s no test.

The two other rooms in our house don’t have lights or fans. Nor did they have an outlet for them. I casually ran this past my dad when he set up time to visit and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. Lowe’s happened to have a discount on storm doors around the same time. Which is how we ended up putting my dad to work on Veteran’s day.

What about my mum? Well, between us, we’d each bought about 100 flower bulbs. My holly bushes needed trimming. Basically some overall love needed in the garden. Let’s keep in mind, I don’t have a ton of flower beds…so mum actually ended up for a ton of bulbs to take home. But my yard looks much better and I can’t wait for spring!

The first door my dad and I did. It took a little while, but honestly that’s what I expected. The reviews said the first time was awful, but after that it wouldn’t be too bad. The next day my dad and Cory did light/fan install number one. There were some hiccups because of how the house was built, but again, expectations met.

That left Sunday. My parents were leaving Monday morning so it was crunch time. We decided my dad would work on the light/fan and call Cory over as needed. I would work on the storm door and call Cory over as needed, too. Sunday was issue day. The way the house was built ensured a ton of roadblocks for my dad and wiring. The shifted door frame plus super cold and rainy weather did us no favors.

Either way… we accomplished it! We had to walk away once while completing the door and my dad had his work cut out for him, but we did it. I’m so thankful for all the help my parents provided. Slowly taking care of our to-do list…while constantly adding to it.


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