A Weekend Visit

First of all… it’s Thanksgiving this week!

Where has the time gone? I’ll be honest, we aren’t huge on Turkey Day so the fact it crept up on us isn’t too shocking. It’s more surprising that the year is coming to a close and it doesn’t remotely feel like it.

This weekend our friend Michelle came to visit. I’ve known Michelle for a hot minute and we were super stoked for her to come and check it out since November in North Carolina is not at all like November in Florida.

We wanted to take her hiking because we knew she would love the views. Hanging Rock isn’t too terrible in distance and the views are amazing. I did get her sign off before dragging her in 40 degree weather.

The colors were seriously amazing. You really have to appreciate the changing of the leaves.

On the way home we stopped in Winston-Salem. Someone had told me about Old Salem cookies so naturally we stopped and bought a ton of them. We then ate at Crafted Taco and man it was delicious! More importantly, Winston-Salem has some neat art. I really want to roam around and take some pictures.

On Sunday morning we were all feeling a little lazy. Instead of getting up and going we chilled out and read a bit. Then I helped Michelle watercolor some cacti! It was super fun to show, but I could tell it was stressing her out.

We also took her to Lazy 5 Ranch. I can honestly say that this is my favorite place to take people. It’s so entertaining to watch reactions.

Michelle was super cracking me up. She had even dropped one of her buckets of food out the window. I sent a few snaps where I was crying I was laughing so hard.

It was a super short trip, but I’m super glad she came. It was neat to see the area in her eyes. A great reminder of some of the truly neat stuff in the area.

Now, we are prepping for a day of eating. Plus I really need to prepare for my half marathon this weekend… eesh!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!



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