Space Coast: Year 5

I’m writing this as I wait for yoga to start. I’ve been completely thrown off in my fitness journey.

I was doing such a good job and my boyfriend had joined in with me. Alas, the car accident definitely messed things up. At first I just went about my day and continued to workout as my doctor said I should. Then I found out my wrist had been fractured in the accident and I was given this fun splint. Aka not fun at all. (And it smells so bad). I cancelled gym classes – both Orangetheory and yoga.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been active since. We went hiking and I’ve gone on a couple of walks, but it’s not the same and I’ve been in a slump on the days where I haven’t been active and it’s my 5th “rest” day.

Which led me to being in a mental panic when the Space Coast Half Marathon was five days away. I hadn’t gotten a long run in. Not even a short run. Nada. Cue freak out. Regardless, time stops for no one! Thanksgiving was awesome with my boyfriend – we went hiking and ate a delicious meal.

Friday I flew to Jax and had an awesome time with family. Then my brother and I loaded up and drove down to Cocoa. So much warm sunshine!! My happy place, for sure. We drove to the race on Sunday and I forgot my walk/run pacer in the hotel. Considering we stayed in Melbourne instead of Cocoa this year, there wasn’t time to turn around.

Thankfully, Galloway pacers everywhere! I decided to jump in with the 2:45 group and just see how I felt. The first 7 miles was awesome! The last 6 I hung back a bit, but still continued to run/walk. I continued my Kimmy Schmidt mantra of “I can do anything for 10 seconds” and made it to the end. The weather was perfect and I received my 5 year medal, this years medal, my towel, and a cup! The rest of the day involved travel, napping, and the Jaguars game (massive sigh).

I’ll miss doing Space Coast, but I’m glad to have my Thanksgiving weekend back! Hopefully next year I’ll simply be able to relax at my parents house in front of the fire.



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