Pros and Cons of Planning

Anyone that has met me knows I’m a planner. I always have things booked in advance and outlined in my physical planner with plenty of detail. With trips I’m pretty detailed, too. I include where to eat and what I’ll most likely be having. Not only that, but I have a ton of lists on my phone to make sure I have everything I need and that I’ll be ready to go.

The unfortunate thing is that something always goes wrong or I forget something.

When it comes to forgetting things, I always remember them when I’m just too far to turn back. Or, like today, when I’m getting ready to do something very specific and that thing just isn’t there. It doesn’t help that I’m a forgetful planner.

The good thing is… I’m a relatively-obsessed-with-planning-but-generally-calm-person. Generally being the key word. So many things don’t work out as I’ve planned. And it’s not just me, it’s everyone. For example: I planned on exploring Boston during a layover. I’d simply check my bags and then go grab lunch. Instead, I arrived at the airport to realize the airline I was flying didn’t have another flight, therefore there was no one to check me in and nowhere to put my bags. The most basic thing, but I hadn’t thought of that possibility. So instead, I ate at the airport. No point in being upset. It’s just a different experience.

In thinking about this, I made a ridiculous list of pros and cons of planning. Something to look back on when I need a reminder.

Pros of planning:

There is always something going on!

Tickets to things are always bought well in advance.


My planner looks amazing. #goals

So. Many. Awesome. Experiences.

Cons of planning:

What is this thing called rest?

Oh man that looks awesome! Oh…I already have plans.

Time stops for no one!

So much going on I forgot X,Y,Z.


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