Iceland 🇮🇸

For years I’ve wanted to go to Iceland and see the northern lights. I don’t actually know where I got the idea, but around five years ago I got this in my head and that I’d make it happen.

But I didn’t make it happen. Not for awhile. And my boyfriend had asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday at the beginning of 2017. Since we are both turning 30 close to each other, I knew this is what I wanted for both of us. He likes the cold, I wanted the northern lights. After looking at dates, the beginning of December it would be! The chances of seeing the lights are high and a ton of winter excursions were catching my eye to make sure he saw the frozen tundra.

We booked flights and an apartment. Add in the excursion and we were ready to go!

Honestly. I never thought I would appreciate this trip nearly as much as I did. I’m not a cold weather person and I had to buy a ton of gear. I was prepped though and I didn’t mind the weather as much. The views though? Simply amazing. There truly aren’t enough words to convey how I felt there. The waterfalls were icy and frozen. People were slipping and sliding everywhere, but our excursion folks (GoEcco) supplied us with clampons which were seriously life changing.

The scenery was beautiful. We saw where Interstellar and Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. Plus a ton of waterfalls and glaciers. We even hiked a glacier in a snow storm. I saw my first ice cave, ate fermented shark (ew) and a ton of other items I normally wouldn’t consume. I lived outside of my comfort zone and now I can’t go back to who I was… and I don’t want to. It may seem dramatic, but it’s true. I highly recommend checking it out. Go and do something that changes you, too.


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