Little Spoon

First let’s be insanely excited that the Jaguars won this weekend! The game was super intense and I constantly felt as if I was going to have a minor heart attack. Either way, we made it!

Other than that, we didn’t get up to too much, but we were able to sneak in brunch with our friends. (Plus some killer Mario Karting with some other friends. I am terrible, but I digress.) One important thing to point out here: it was the first time we had eaten out all week. That’s a huge accomplishment in the SS household. We often fall into the habit of eating out for convenience, but our body and our bank accounts haven’t been loving it. So we decided to start the new year as everyone else does and set some guidelines. Even though it’s only been a week, I’m super proud of us! While I wish I was already down 15 pounds, I’ll take what I can get and accept that I still feel a ton better.

Anyway, we had some birthdays and new jobs to celebrate so we met our friends at Little Spoon in Charlotte. We were meeting for brunch and it seemed like a fitting place to go. Everyone had told me how good it was so we wanted to see for ourselves.

I must say… any time someone has absolutely loved something in Charlotte, I’ve not been impressed. Yet we’ve stumbled across some amazing food here so I’m not sure how our expectations are so different, but clearly they are.

Little Spoon wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing. The service was pretty good. My hot chocolate was fabulous. The array of spiked breakfast drinks is always wonderful. And the food was just okay and a bit pricey for being mediocre.

My boyfriend and I tend to be early so we sat and ordered drinks – hot chocolate for me and a caramel latte with salted caramel baileys for him – and some deviled eggs. Again, my drink was so good. And I loved the cup without the handle because it was so cold outside so I kept both hands warm with this mug. My boyfriend didn’t like not having a handle though and thought the latte was good, but needed more liqueur. The deviled eggs were pretty decent though and we were excited for what was to come. I will say, it did inspire me to make my own spiked hot chocolate with protein cashew-almond milk! So good.

We ordered the blt and the chicken biscuits to split. Couple of things here:

-The blt isn’t really a blt. It’s a sandwich with lettuce and tomato and a bunch of thick-cut pork. Probably good for a lot of people, but not what I expected and definitely not what I wanted. I didn’t even eat half.

-The chicken in the chicken biscuits was amazing. It was perfectly and had great flavor. The biscuits were way bigger than the chicken though and were super dry. While there was sauce provided, it didn’t make up for the biscuit being overwhelming for the chicken.

We also ordered the 8 minute cookies, which two people in our party liked and two people didn’t. I really liked them. They were different than a store bought cookie and had a homemade element to them. They were a bit flat, but had caramel in them. I thought they were great.

All-in-all, it’s possible that we just didn’t order the right things. But isn’t that what makes up your opinion of a restaurant? What you order?

Ultimately, it was a cute place and I’m glad I went, but I don’t know that I’ll be back anytime soon.

I do love exploring Charlotte restaurants though… so where should we go next?



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