I love a good, drawn out birthday celebration. Especially someone else’s. This past week it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to make sure he knew it was all about him.

I kind of messed that up on his actual birthday. I tried cooking him a steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus with some killer sauce. It ended up okay, but the whole time I was incredibly stressed out about it. The timing was off and I wasn’t keeping my cool. He said he liked it though so that’s a win!

Friday night we headed to 5Church with some friends since he previously had said he wanted to check it out. We had made birthday reservations for 7:30pm. 5Church had some things going for it and some things going against.

The first thing against? We didn’t get seated until 8. I know, it was restaurant week. The place was bumping. I get it. But as a restaurant goer, I’m not cool waiting thirty minutes for a reservation. Just not cool.

What about the first thing in their favor? I’d made the reservation so long ago, I totally forgot I’d told them we were celebrating a birthday! They gave us a round of drinks on the house just for the occasion. That was a pretty stellar way to start – and it made up for the wait.

I had a seasonal salad to start that wasn’t bad – it included squash and beets with Boursin cheese. Then for the main course I had a filet with mashed potatoes and brussels. The main course was decent. I’ve had better steaks elsewhere, but I love brussel sprouts and not a ton of places embrace them so I was down. I’m not sure I would order the filet if I went back though. I have a feeling their regular menu offered other things that would have been better. What I’m saying is – don’t go just for the filet.

Go for the desserts. We ordered the s’mores trifle and the chocolate pretzel bar. Droooooool. Superb. Highly recommend. And my blackberry drink was also spectacular so… at least go for drinks and a dessert.

And that’s where our wild weekend out ended! We spent the next two days going through the Maze Runner movies and stuffing our faces.

Basically… we are both taking 30 in full stride!

We’ll see if things change before next time.



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