An Unexpected Adventure

Planned adventures can be fun, right? I’m a planner so it’s rare I have some form of spontaneous journey. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some level of unplanned entertainment, but we generally don’t have random trips because we have dogs and they require some planning.

Sometimes though, life delivers you some new plans. Or life delivers you some sort of wrench that forces itself right into the middle. Even though you think you did it all right.

And that’s where we found ourselves on Saturday. Months ago – while we were in Iceland actually – I found out Jason Mraz was coming to Greenville, SC. It’s not that far away and we’ve been wanting to explore Greenville so I was super excited. We bought the tickets and shortly after arriving back in the States I booked the hotel. We were going to drive there, hang out and walk the trails, have lunch and dinner, and see the show. The next day we would grab some breakfast and then hit up the pottery barn outlet on the way back because I’ve always wanted to go. Foolproof. Plans galore all over it. Reservations made at Pomegranate on Main for dinner. Good to go.

Saturday rolled around and some things had come up so we left a little bit later than originally planned. No worries! Saturday is chill so we were taking it as it came. Drop the dogs off and hit the road. Now, my boyfriend and I road trip well together. We had snacks, I had Starbucks, and the conversation was flowing. As we approached Greenville I pulled up my hotel confirmation and clicked the address to load into the map.

4 hours away…? Something isn’t right here. Why is it saying I need to go back to North Carolina? Close all apps. Try again. Still 4 hours away. This thing is broken!

And then I notice.

The wrong state.

I booked the hotel in Greenville, NC. Facepalm.

Add to that… it’s raining. Hiking the trails doesn’t seem enjoyable. We have no idea where to go. No idea what to do. My boyfriend isn’t hungry. I’m so hungry. Things are all off.

So after he makes a ton of well-deserved fun of me… we start thinking through our new adventure that lacks all kinds of plans – at least until our dinner reservation at 5. And let me tell you. We did a great job. We saw “A Wrinkle in Time” and the walked around downtown anyway. The people watching was spectacular! We passed the time sitting under an awning downtown just taking in the scene. We hit up a dessert/bookstore for snack, too. It really was quality time – well worth it!

We then went to Pomegranate on Main and let me just say: so good! Our friends had suggested it and I’m so pleased we went. We had a starter that you could tell was so fresh – hummus and a Mediterranean salad with pita. Then we ordered Torsh Tenderloin and Torsh chicken. The chicken came with cranberry basmati rice and the tenderloin with plain rice. So. Good. The chicken was by far my favorite. So flavorful and cooked perfectly! We followed it up with a chocolate cake that was super moist and the chocolate on top was just melting. An incredible meal.

Then it was time for Jason! It was an acoustic session with just him. I’ve seen Jason perform at least ten times now and I swear he gets better every single time. Even my boyfriend really liked the show. We laughed a lot and I sung along, but there was a ton of new songs as well which was also really cool. He’s a really talented artist. I recommend checking him out sometime.

After that… well. We didn’t have a hotel room, so my boyfriend took one for the team and drove home. (He’s the best). Honestly with the time change… it was awesome to be in our own bed. We spent Sunday super lazy being tired and celebrating rainy weather. Basically getting old.

Moral of the story: A plan can become unraveled, but maybe that’s the adventure you needed. Ours certainly worked out and while it sucks we lost the hotel money, it could have been worse. We had an awesome time and it’s not all of a sudden crappy just because I made a mistake.

Now here’s to hoping we booked a flight to right island…

More adventures coming soon!



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