Finally Some Sunshine


Yup. That’s where we are right now. It’s April and I’m just stoked that it was on the cusp of warm. Don’t stand in the shade though, it’s freezing there.

Because of our fun, albeit short lived, nice weather we had an outdoorsy weekend! On Friday we had a cookout with friends that included plenty of s’mores on our fire pit. On Saturday we attended the Highland Games in Huntersville. We grilled some steaks. Saw a movie. Watched some shows. Bought a new Switch game. And I finally invested in a tabletop tripod for lettering recording.


First of all, I missed s’mores. I forget about them and then we rekindle our flame – hehe, see what I did there? – and they are yummy and I am stuffed and I fall asleep happy.

The Highland Games were something else. Basically the local Scottish games and the people watching was really cool. Seeing a lot of people represent their family or clan in their kilts was awesome. There were some…well… private things I probably didn’t need to see, but overall super neat. I’d bought tickets early so they were discounted and parking was only $5 so it was pretty affordable. We took some cash with us and I’m so glad we did because British candy was everywhere! 🤤

We watched Scottish games as well as some shepherding – the Collies were so cute! The weather was beautiful and at one point my boyfriend and I literally laid in the grass because of how nice it was. Plus North Carolina grass is nice. Not like Florida grass that feels as if you are being impaled by nails.

I’ve never been to another Scottish Games event so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but there was quite a bit to keep yourself entertained. There was also a ton for kids to do and learn – including axe throwing.

Naturally now it’s cold and raining. More importantly I discovered my library book is due back. I actually discovered this on Sunday and it’s due back today. Thankfully I started late Sunday night though and I only have 50 pages left. I got this! Really though… find you a boyfriend that will do everything he can in your household so that you make sure you have time to start and finish your book. That’s couple goals right there.



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