Tandur [Charlotte]

There is something to be said about a chill Friday night out. There are quite a few times where we’ve tried a new Charlotte restaurant only to leave having spent $150 or more just because we want to try what the menu has to offer. We wanted to check out Tandur since I’ve been seeing so many posts about the new fast-casual Indian restaurant on the Charlotte Agenda Instagram feed.

We called up some of our friends to see if they also wanted to try out Tandur. They had already been, but were down to check it out again since they thought it was good the first time they went. Day of, I went through Yelp to check out the reviews so far and I was kind of shocked that the reviews weren’t good. The restaurant is in a pretty good location and had high expectations so I was a little bummed that it wasn’t performing the way people thought it was. You have to take reviews with a grain of salt sometimes though. It seemed as though a lot of the reviewers were expecting full on Indian food. If you’ve been to Copper, that’s what people were comparing Tandur to. But here’s the thing: You don’t compare Panda Express or Pei Wei to P.F.Changs. Same with Chipotle and Cantina Loredo. Not remotely the same type of restaurants so your expectations shouldn’t be remotely the same either.

We still spent about $40 at Tandur. My boyfriend and I took the approach of trying whatever because we wanted an assortment to sample. We ordered some Veggie Samosas, Naanchos, lamb meatball tikka masala, chicken korma, and garlic naan. The reviews has also mentioned how the plates were on the small side so we made sure the array would leave us full. However the plates aren’t that small in my opinion and we ended up with so much food. SO MUCH FOOD. I mean, we ate it all. But we shouldn’t have. Both of us were insanely full and we looked ridiculous compared to our friends that had ordered one plate between the two of them.

Overall, I thought the veggie samosas were just okay. The naanchos were fabulous. Highly recommend them. I ordered the naanchos without meat and I honestly could have just had that as my meal. It would have been a light dinner, but still good. My boyfriend had the lamb meatball tikka masala. I didn’t love their version of the tikka masala sauce, but he did. He also said that the lamb meatballs were decently spicy and delicious. My chicken korma was delicious! I really liked the dish. The chicken was cooked nicely and spiced well. The naan was perfectly cooked, too. Our friends said the last time they had naan it wasn’t quite as good, so it does seem as though the restaurant is taking some of the feedback and making some changes.

We chatted for awhile and then decided to continue feasting at the Golden Cow Creamery. I ordered a kiddie size salted Oreo ice cream and my boyfriend ordered a Dunkaroos kiddie size ice cream. I have been thinking about this ice cream since then. So that should tell you something about how amazing this ice cream is. I may be considering having this again in the next week or so. Or their ice cream sandwich they make. The possibilities are endless here.

All in all, it was an awesome food night. I recommend Tandur as long as you’re not expecting Copper. Remember: fast-casual vs full restaurant. Either way, Indian food is fab. And ice cream is amazing.


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