What I eat in Vegas…ends up online

It’s actually quite surprising that everything I ate in Vegas didn’t end up online. Dare I say that some things I didn’t even take pictures of. The lighting was pretty unfortunate in some of the places I was, but that’s okay because I have the memories. Those memories are pretty strong because some of these things I’m basically still drooling over.

I was in Vegas for a work conference, but I’ve actually been quite a few times before. I didn’t want to eat at many places I’d already been though and I was trying to keep my budget down so I ate at the conference as often as it was an option.


The first night we went to Carbone since it was in between the hotel and the show I was going to see. Carbone is in Aria and we were fortunate to sit in the cutest little booth. It looked out to a gorgeous chandelier and the rest of the floor.

What we ordered: Spicy Rigatoni Vodka and Gnocchi.

The meal came with bread, cheese, and salami. A nice starter, but don’t eat too much or you’ll ruin your meal!

The Rigatoni was delicious and lightly spicy. I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too heavy and was a nice portion. I split this with my coworkers Gnocchi. Holy cow, the Gnocchi was amazing. Like perfect little pillows. It came with perfectly cooked asparagus. If the Gnocchi is on the menu, definitely order it. If it’s not, go for the rigatoni. You can’t lose.

I know you’re supposed to go through the entire meal, but honestly that was enough for me. We did order dessert, but we barely touched it. It was the Nutella tiramisu and honestly…pass on it. You can find much better desserts elsewhere. They also provided us with limoncello which was a nice touch.

Overall I really liked the food, but the service was meh. Once a table of six came in we were basically on our own. There were plenty of times when I didn’t have my water refilled and it took forever to get the bill.


I’ve actually been to Holsteins before – when they first opened in the Cosmopolitan. I was fine with going back as it’s not as expensive as some other places along the strip.

I had the Nom Nom Burger and it was okay. I’ve had better burgers there before so I’m not sure I’d put this one specifically on my must eat list. The milkshake I ordered though – yes. I got the Campfire Smores shake. It’s nice and spiked. Comes with a lot of toppings. You’ll leave very very full with even the most basic of burgers alongside a spiked shake.

Beauty and Essex

This place was my favorite for this trip. Beauty and Essex is in Cosmopolitan as well.  I had been wanting to go based off another friend’s IG post. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted. I was ready for the Mexican Street Corn Ravioli. I barely looked at the menu past that because I wasn’t changing my mind. When we first sat down we were told that it was tapas style and to order 5-7 things for the two of us. That didn’t work for my budget though so I started with only the ravioli and decided I would go from there. I’m glad I did because I actually didn’t need anything else – other than maybe a bajillion more of those ravioli and dessert. I’m kind of joking. While I wanted to order another round of ravioli, I really was quite satisfied with the one order I received.

We also ordered the mini strawberry shortcake for dessert and they were so incredibly good. The waiter didn’t recommend them, but I do. They were a nice light dessert and perfectly sweet.

Old Homestead Steak House

I actually went here with a vendor. This one is in Caesar’s Palace. While I didn’t take any pictures, I think this was actually my second favorite meal of the trip. I started with the skillet meatball – I was hesitant at first because some steak houses don’t do pasta sauce very well. But this one does! I was actually really stoked when they brought out bread, because I soaked up all kinds of sauce with it. Delicious. I then ordered their smaller filet with a side of mashed potatoes and asparagus for the table. It did not disappoint. The steak was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The mashed potatoes were oh so fluffy. (Insert “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”) and the asparagus we a nice level of crisp. There was so much to share with the table so everyone was able to try. We also ordered some skillet cookies as a group and they also have the skillet cookie down to a science. Everything was done nicely and I never had to ask for a refill on my water.


I mean, how can you not? When near the west coast, enjoy it when you can. Plus this one was next door to Sprinkles cupcakes. I left these two places under $15 for both. How do you compete with that? There’s really no description needed. It’s a fast food burger. What do you expect?


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