The End of June

How is it July?

Really though. It feels like yesterday we were kicking off 2018. I actually flipped through my passion planner to look at the first six months just to remind myself of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to so far.

And we’ve done a lot! Even just looking back at the past six months on the blog, it’s a lot. And I don’t cover off on every single thing. We decided to celebrate my half birthday and the end of June with some margarita cupcakes and a trip to Jax.

I’ve actually made these margarita cupcakes quite a few times. I’ve tried a few margarita cupcake recipes, but this one is my favorite. The cupcakes are super moist and when you brush additional tequila on them it’s perfection! Oh and that tequila doesn’t bake out. Add some lime and tequila in the icing and you have a power cupcake. Usually I put a lime peeking out between the cupcake base and the icing, but this time I put some fun straws in them instead. I’ve always used Patron Silver as my tequila choice for these bad boys. Sometimes I also add lime zest into the icing in addition to the base. Just remember that doing so will result in some green specks in the frosting. More than that, I also sprinkle some sanding sugar on top of the cupcakes so it looks like there’s a little salt on top even though it’s not. Although I’m a sugar on the glass kind or girl anyway.

After that, we drove to Jax and enjoyed all kinds of food. Seeing friends and family is super fun. I also met my friend Blair’s baby for the first time. He was so small and squishy!

I ate Mexican food, Indian food, and some hamburgers. Let’s not forget that açaí bowl I had, plus some pie from Biscottis. I had a totally unnecessary cinnamon roll from Florida Cracker. We also landed at Edgewood diner for breakfast. It’s seriously a blessing that I didn’t gain 10 pounds on this trip. A true blessing.


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