Laundry Room Reno (Part One)

Do you know what adulting is like?

Adulting is like when you have a perfectly working washer and dryer combo inside an equally performing laundry room…but you buy a pretty red washer and dryer combo and decide to redo your laundry room because you think the existing one is unorganized and boring.

One hell of a run-on sentence there.

Anyway I’ve wanted a red washer and dryer combo since forever. LG originally came out with these cherry red front loads that were just gorgeous. They actually haven’t made them in a hot minute, but they basically make the exact same ones in other colors. It worked out for me though because Samsung sells a pretty merlot color front load set. I’ve been hesitant about Samsung appliances since they had some exploding issues, but hosting an employee sale for an additional 20% off the existing percent off they already had for Fourth of July…well, that’ll help a girl change her mind. (Add on a five year warranty, of course). For whatever reason I was then convinced that it would take forever to have the laundry pair delivered – usually that’s how it goes during a sale. Instead, two days later I had an email letting me know Lowe’s would be delivering them on Saturday. Basically three days away and I had very little plans outlined for my laundry room renovation.

Thankfully we already had the paint – Gravity, by Valspar, but we needed some cabinets. We went ahead and ordered two 30” Diamond cabinets – also from Lowe’s. I originally wanted three cabinets, but our wall is just under six feet, which isn’t enough space for a third the way we wanted it. So we decided to go ahead and have two. Ultimately, we’ll end up adding a galvanized pipe as a hanger between the two cabinets, but we aren’t there yet.

We pulled everything out, filled some holes, painted, and waited for paint to dry. Once it was time, we put up the cabinets. You know what’s great though? Having really awkward stud placement. The location of our studs wouldn’t work with the cabinets at all, so we had to improvise. After a quick FaceTime call with my dad, we ended up heading back to the store to pick up two 1×4’s. We went ahead and cut the wood 24 inches to make 4 pieces of wood. We screwed those bad boys into the studs and then screwed the cabinets into the wood. The first cabinet took awhile because we were learning a lot, but putting the second cabinet up took about 30 minutes.

We then pushed the washer and dryer into the laundry room (and when I say we… I mostly mean the bf did it). Next step was to plug everything in and make sure we didn’t have leaks. And we didn’t!

We have more to do still. First I need to add some moulding to cover the ends of the 1×4’s. We’ll also be adding a top on the washer and dryer, as well as building a cabinet between them. Last items will be the pipe and an additional shelf above the cabinets.

This project was a lot of learning for us, but also one of the easier projects we’ve done. (The storm doors were so much harder. Seriously.) Once you have everything you need – and hopefully well-placed studs, you’ll be on your way to a fabulous new and almost complete laundry room!


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