Whole30 Round 2

In July of 2017 I committed to Whole30. I read the book, bought some stuff, and tried a new recipe every couple of days. It was a lot of work.

Since then, I’ve tried to start whole30 two other times. Both times I couldn’t get there. I couldn’t get motivated and I wasn’t feeling the dishes – even the ones I liked the first time.

This year, at the end of June my boyfriend and I chatted about whole30 during the car ride back from Florida. On the drive I decided I was starting the next day. We hit up the grocery store and bought some of the most basic things since time was tight. A few days later our butcherbox arrived in the mail, too. We’d ultimately stocked up on veggies to go with different meats from that box and BOGO chicken breasts from Publix.

For lunches, we made sweet potato shepherds pie. And I made sure I had plenty of Lara bars available to me along with strawberries, pineapple, peaches, etc.

And we did that every week.

Don’t get me wrong, there plenty of things I wanted. I had dreams about cake. And daydreamed about pizza. I could literally taste garlic bread at times. Give me all the things.

Instead, I did enjoy things like, cinnamon bananas and almond butter with banana. Awesome surviving basics. It was so uneventful though, that I barely took pictures!

Regardless, 30 days have gone by and it was a little bit easier than last time. I don’t think it was the simplest thing by any means, but totally doable without making something new every other day. These were totally different whole30 experiences – and both worked in totally different ways.

I didn’t lose as much weight in round 2, but I had a ton of non scale victories that were equally fabulous. My skin has been a bit clearer and I’ve had less mood swings and headaches. This year I did struggle with workouts a bit more than last year so I didn’t utilize my Orangetheory membership as much. Instead though, I leaned into yoga and rowing because let’s be real… I still had to hit that Apple Watch goal.


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