I’m Sleeping to Dream

Ten years ago I saw my first Jason Mraz concert. I was in London and would be getting on a plane to Rome at 6 am the next day. I hadn’t really planned on seeing him, but I had wanted to see him live for years already. At the semi last minute I realized the stars had aligned and I could make it work.

G Love and Special Sauce opened for him. I was in standing room and as close to the front as I could get. It was hot and sweaty and I didn’t care. I danced the night away and almost missed the last tube that would take me to Heathrow where I would end up attempting to sleep before my flight. I didn’t sleep much. You might blame it on the fact that the floor of Heathrow isn’t that comfortable, but looking back I also like to think that I was living high after a fabulous concert. The first time I’d seen someone that I thought sounded better live than on an album.

Little did I know that it would get exponentially better over the years.

Since then I’ve seen Jason perform with a number of openers and alone. I’ve traveled to see him multiple times and even saw him earlier this year. Naturally though, I couldn’t miss seeing him in Charlotte.

This show was at the Charlotte Metro Credit Amphitheatre. People seemed to either know exactly where that was or had never heard of it. I’m not sure what that exactly says about the place, but I liked it overall. It was super humid, but we were in row 6 so I really wasn’t mad about much… until the drunk people got drunk. And by that I mean seemingly everyone. Charlotte apparently has no chill when it comes to events like this. And honestly, if you can’t be chill at a Jason concert… well… you need way more than alcohol.

Once the show got moving it was awesome though. Per usual Jason nailed it. He was joined by Raining Jane and Toca Rivera. The vibe was so different than when I saw him in Greenville. Greenville was just him and totally acoustic. Charlotte was fun and dance. I appreciate both, but have to admit that seeing him acoustically was absolutely inspiring. Seeing him have a ton of fun… that was entertaining.

I’m not sure how long he’ll keep touring… but here’s so hoping it’s forever because I’ll keep seeing him live as long as I can!


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