A Little Relaxed

Usually after a weekend I’m geared up to write about all of the things we did or the twelve things I baked. And while I do have some past items up my sleeve, I figured I’d change it up a bit.

Last weekend we didn’t do too much. We went out with some friends on Friday night – ate and drank too much, but had a fabulous time. We ended up waiting in an hour long line for Jeni’s ice cream because… well it’s ice cream, but also did I mention the slight drunkenness? Yeah… I didn’t go to bed until 2 am and even though I wasn’t hung over, I haven’t seen 2 am in a long time and so Saturday was a sleepy day.

And when I say a sleepy day… I’m serious. We were in bed until 10:30 am. Me reading and Cory sleeping… but when he got up, we went ahead and made breakfast… ate… and then decided it was time for bed. We didn’t actually get out of bed until 1.

Isn’t that pretty solid? And the entire day was spent chilling on the couch and relaxing (minus one trip to target, of course.) I read a book during the day. Even the dogs were lazy.

This means a lot – if you know me… well, you know I’m a go-go-go person. My mind races. I’m not relaxed. But this weekend was a solid reminder that sometimes you need to simply check out.

It’s actually pretty funny that we spent the weekend so relaxed… because today I took my Strengths Finder quiz and man was it accurate. And to summarize my five: validation that I’m not a chill or relaxed person. I guess one day out of 365 in a year doesn’t qualify me to speak about slowing down and taking time for yourself… but that’s okay!

I still think the weekend went by too quickly… so really I’ve learned nothing.


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