A Weekend in Huntsville

Surprising your parents is fun. Hard, but fun. We’ve surprised my mum before by planning a trip to Huntsville with only my dad knowing. Somehow that was seemingly easier than surprising my dad on his birthday. My parents both knew that my boyfriend and I would be flying into town, but my brother and his girlfriend decided they would drive up with my niece as a surprise.

The number of times we let it slip was insane. And my dad just could not understand why my mum was buying so much food. I thought for sure he knew.

But he didn’t… he was totally shocked when my niece came up behind him and gave him a hug. It was really cute. We then realized we needed to entertain as much as possible and got on it.

First things first: my dad has never been to Top Golf… and in fairness I had only gone for the first time recently so it was about time to get him there. We went as a family and it was pretty awesome. My niece was able to play along with everyone else. It was a good time. We only played for an hour and a half because it was super hot outside, but it was a nice way to break up the day.

We also went shooting. I’ve only been to the range once before – with my mum and dad – but my boyfriend hadn’t been. My brother, dad, boyfriend, and I went to the gun range and shot some rounds. I am not at all relaxed when there so I’m not the best, but that’s okay. My brother, dad, and boyfriend were awesome with their targets.

My mum even showed me how to make challah! It was so easy and ridiculously good.

My dad went to Auburn so we watched the Auburn vs LSU game – tough loss for sure! We also watched the Jaguars vs Patriots game: SO GOOD!!!! About time. Was really proud of the Jaguars.

We went to an area called Campus 805 where we had a salad, pizza, and some beer. Highly recommend! The pizza and salad were from Earth and Stone.

I love going to Huntsville – I think it’s changed every time I’ve been there. My parents have an amazing back yard and we have such a good time of both food and hanging out.

What are your favorite things to do in Huntsville? I need ideas for next time!


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