All the Little Things

Sometimes I don’t have a theme when I sit down to blog for the week. Usually I’ve been somewhere and taken a ton of pictures or I’ve made something and forget to take a ton of pictures. I’m actually not sure what makes you keep coming back to read, but I’m insanely appreciative that you do.

This week, there’s been a little of everything going on… and I didn’t take pictures of nearly enough.

There was the pumpkin banana chocolate chip bread I made. Delicious!

We went to Superica in Charlotte – really good experience and the food was fabulous. Even as leftovers these noms were impressive.

I naturally needed to take a picture outside because I was feeling myself. (Shout out to Trunk Club for helping me find these clothes!)

Next up we had some Jeni’s, because how can you not when you’re so close!?

Add in a Jaguars win for the weekend and a new book… and that sums it all up.

And now it’s Tuesday and hopefully we are all writing down the amazing and positive things that are going on. Because some days you just need a reminder.



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