Back to Catawba Falls

Doesn’t it seem like it’s been forever since I posted about going hiking? Probably because it has been.

This weekend we set out to change that. We weren’t sure where we should go. We had some options we wanted to consider, but we also needed to go somewhere that would have a mostly paved entrance because of the car we would be taking.

We’ve been to Catawba Falls before – on New Year’s Day – and it was mostly frozen, but still insanely gorgeous. We knew that most of the ride would be paved. We arrived around 9 am which was awesome because it wasn’t crazy busy at that time. By the time we left around 10:45 it was packed. This trail isn’t incredibly long and it’s not a wide trail so I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much later in the day.

It’s a pretty moderate height and only about a mile each way to the falls. There is a trail that leads to the upper falls, but it’s blocked off by caution tape and there are a ton of danger signs. We did go past the caution tape a little bit, but we didn’t go all the way to the upper falls. It’s a ton of rocks and a lot less trail – essentially the terrain changes to strenuous pretty quickly.

I still love these falls though. It’s nice quick hike and brings you back to nature. We had some awesome conversations along the way, too. My boyfriend and I talked about the SCOTUS nomination, about women’s experiences in life, and how friendships change as you get older. It was awesome to get back to basics, clear my chest a little, and totally check out.

More than that, I channeled my inner freedom and represented “free the nipple” and it was great! No one saw me… but it was pretty invigorating. I can honestly say I’ve never been that comfortable with myself and it was a cool step to be a little closer to nature.

What are you doing to get back to basics?


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